Heuchert Financial Incorporated

Brad and Jocelyn are intentional about building strong relationships with their 7 grandchildren to encourage being healthy spiritually, emotionally and physically. This will support their grandchildren so that each one has as strong sense of who they are, helping them succeed and take on life’s challenges.

They bring that same intention into their practice to work with clients.  It takes the guess work out of what one’s estate will be at time of death.  Some people feel the kids will just get what is left, if there is anything.  Brad & Jocelyn agree the kids will get what is left; but they work with their clients to ensure that there is something meaningful to leave for their kids.

I can’t begin to count how many people have told me they will leave $1 million to each child and that is enough.  I asked if they could choose $2 million to each instead which would they choose.  The second just requires a little planning.  What about leaving $250,000 to each of your 4 grandchildren, but had to plan, would you?

Brad Heuchert

Financial Advisor

Brad completed his B.A. at university of Regina in 1984 and then attended Concordia Theological Seminary taking a Masters of Divinity, which he didn’t complete.  Instead he went into social work, working with severe emotionally disturbed youth for about 7 years.

Brad then worked as the intake worker in the social services department for 3 years before going in management, becoming the assistant director of the social services department.  While working as the assistant director also became the director of emergency social services for the city of Brandon.  In this role, he worked on Brandon’s emergency plan for major disasters, managed the budget and presented budgets to city council.

In 2000, Brad changed career’s and started in the financial services industry.

Brad’s dedication to community service continues, and over the years he has sat on numerous boards and committees and served in capacities such as Chair, secretary, treasurer, President, Vice President or just a member.

  • Child and family services
  • Westman Recovery Inc
  • Brandon Youth for Christ
  • Brandon Crime Prevention Committee
  • MAPP  multi agency approach to dealing with severe high risk youth

Jocelyn Heuchert

Financial Advisor

Jocelyn worked as an interior designer for 6 years, and then managed a family day care for 7 years.

She started in the financial services industry with Mutual Life.  Mutual Life had a very well recognized and exhaustive training program.  After working as an advisor for 2 years, Jocelyn was selected into their management program.  This program was custom designed to maximize her learning style.

After Mutual Life, she went to Great West Life to be both the branch manager and development manager for the Brandon office.  When Great West Life restructured and closed the Brandon office she went back into an advisor role.  She has been working as an advisor since 1999.

Jocelyn has completed the CFP course, securities licence and the branch manager mutual funds course.